“The No Moutain Too High” Fundraising gala

Published on November 17, 2018

WOW! WOW! WOW! That is all I can say! I am in still in disbelief…

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No Mountain Too High Fundraising Gala!

Published on September 19, 2018

*To Purchase Tickets go to the *Gala Fundraiser* section at the top of the page!*…

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Autofest, Prestone, Emily, The Ring Brothers and Austin!

Published on September 11, 2018

As many of you know, I will be holding a fundraising gala on November 10th,…

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The Celebration of Speed!

Published on September 11, 2018

The Celebration of Speed…I think the name says enough and when I was asked to…

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The Toronto Indy and “The Sam Experience”

Published on August 25, 2018

* This post is a couple weeks late but this past weekend at the Pocono…

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Published on August 19, 2018

*DISCLAIMER…I am extremely behind on my posts and they will most likely all come out…

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What is your Mountain?!

Published on August 1, 2018

Someone asked me what “no mountain too high” meant…it means exactly what it says. My…

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Canadian Road Nationals

Published on June 27, 2018

This past week in Saguneay, Quebec was the time of the year where you get…

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No Mountain too High Shirt Sales ONLINE NOW!

Published on June 14, 2018

It was an early morning on Sunday for me but the thought of hosting my…

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Save the Date! No Mountain too High T-shirt launch!!!

Published on May 27, 2018

SAVE THE DATE!!! SUNDAY JUNE 10 2018!!! I will be having a group bike ride…

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