I have a BIG goal and YOU can help me get there!

As far as I can remember I wanted to be an Gold Medalist representing Team Canada and today, its within my reach in the Hand-cycling competition. 

At first, I thought I just needed to win a few preliminary races and poof...a bunch of decision makers will pick the #1 competitor, "Anthony Lue" out of the thousands of people who competed!

I know today this is just a small part of the journey.

I failed to overlook everything that would get me to that point like:

Physical and Conditioning Coaches: to keep me fit and motivate me when I feel like quitting
Dietitians: to make sure I eat the proper foods to keep my body in tip-top shape (away from the chips and Oreo's)
Equipment: my bike can take a good beating after 5-6 races
Competitions: are essential to keep my "rankings" at #1 and it can cost up to $300 just to enter not including my travelling and rooming. 

As the 2020 Paralympic Games draws closer, the costs of competing at a high level begins to take a toll financially and I've managed this far by motivationally speaking at schools and corporations. 

However this will not be enough...


I have a goal of raising $500,000!

Help me get the equipment, coaches and support I need and I'll make sure YOU get the recognition you deserve!

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