Someone asked me what “no mountain too high” meant…it means exactly what it says. My life by no means has been a cake walk nor does it seem to be getting any easier. That’s where “no mountain too high” slides into your life, not just mine. On an almost daily basis we are challenged and pushed to the edge of our mental capacity whether it be work, sport or your family and it seems like our capacity isn’t cutting it anymore. These little hurdles become small hills, and the small hills become long climbs. Eventually you’re at the bottom of a mountain with nowhere to go but up! Is your glass half empty or half full? What do you do when the task or problem in front of you seems impossible? If it’s an animal, I’ll tell you that my flight instincts come into play and I’m  running away but if it’s anything else, I know with certainty that I can overcome it. I’m pretty sure this comes from a place of self belief and confidence. These traits are not easy to obtain especially if you have never been challenged. So how do you obtain these traits? I’m no expert but I think it starts with giving yourself credit! You cannot compare yourself to someone else, we were created equal but are all individuals. Different paths, upbringings, cultures, religions and even foods can give someone the leg up. But what they don’t have is that inner animal that is only unleashed when you have no other choice but too succeed. At that point it doesn’t matter what your obstacle is,  it just comes down to how bad do you want it! How bad do you want you change your life, succeed and move forward on to bigger and better things. At the end of the day a lot of the pressures and stresses that we deal with are self imposed. If you’re doing something that doesn’t bring you joy it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate. If you’re living for others and not yourself it’s time to be a little selfish. Someone once told me “to be kind is to be selfish” I took me a while to understand and what I got out of it was…if you can’t help yourself, you can’t help others. The mountains in my life are so big that I thought I was crazy even trying to attempt the summit. Crazy I will remain and the summit is still in my view but I can’t do it alone! With your support, each step up the mountain becomes that much bigger, gaining traction. By purchasing your very own “no mountain too high” t-shirt you will have a constant reminder of that inner animal that will do what you tell it too…you just have to tell it!

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