* This post is a couple weeks late but this past weekend at the Pocono Indy driver, Robert Wickens was in a serious accident and just I wanted to say that my prayers are with you and your family. You’ll be back on the podium in no time!!! #getwellwickens *

Every year I make a point to attend the Toronto Honda Indy! I was asked in a video the other day what my passion was and for some odd reason I said getting outside and being active. Although this is mostly true, my true passion is speed and cars! Over the past few years I have been very fortunate to attend the Indy as a guest of the “Day at the races” program. This program brings people in chairs mainly to the track for the full experience. I’m talking the hospitality tent with a variety of food, hot dogs, and beer. What more could you want! O Sam Schmidt!!! This is all possible because of Sam. He was an Indy car driver who was injured in a car crash rendering him a quadriplegic, not being able to move anything chest down. He was never one to quit and is currently 1 of 2 team owners of the Schmidt Peterson Indy Car Team! He is on the road 150 days a year and takes around 40 flights. Just thinking about it tires me out. When you realize the scope and magnitude of what he runs it will blow your mind. I always say how fortunate I am because things could have definitely turned out so much worse. For Sam not to be able to drive anymore was probably worse than being paralyzed. I cannot imagine not being able to get in my truck and go as I please. He didn’t give up and his will and persistence has made the impossible, possible. He also hooked me up with amazing passes and I was able to get up close and personal to all of the action! Make sure you check out the gallery as well as the link to the video of me driving Sam’s 900hp ZR1 Corvette…on my youtube channel. This is an absolute must!!!!!!!

It’s a 900hp ZR1 Corvette! Trying to make this post as short as possible I will cut out a lot of the minor details and just tell you that I was actually like actually able to drive Sam’s Corvette. It is operated by a sip and puff system much like what some power chair users would use to control their chair. You puff to go and sip to stop! Its just like blowing bubbles in your pop or sipping it up! Steering is done with your head movements…4 or 5 cameras mounted on the dash of the car pick up (sensors on sunglasses you’re wearing) your head movements and turn the steering wheel as if you were using your hands…but you don’t… Click the link below watch below how technology and one man’s will are getting things done!!!