As many of you know, I will be holding a fundraising gala on November 10th, 2018 @ The Jubilee Pavilion in Oshawa. Last Friday I had a meeting in Oshawa to sign the contract and put the deposit down. What immediately drew my attention away were 2 very distinct and exotic looking cars. I couldn’t wait for our meeting to be over, so I could find out what was happening in the park. As I wheeled up to the Preston Trailer I saw a 1972 AMC Javelin and a 1971 De Tomasa Pantera.  I asked” WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! “They replied…Autofest, you don’t know about Autofest and I was like Noo…. To make a long story short, 1500 cars showed up the next day on the Oshawa waterfront trail in a park. There were cars everywhere!!! I was there for 3 hours wheeling around and still didn’t see all of them, probably only half! On the Friday I had the privilege of meeting everyone before the crowds showed up. The Preston trailer guys hooked me up with posters of the cars and tickets for the weekend event! Needless to say, I was just thanking God again, because I am so blessed. On top of that I was able to meet Emily and Aaron Reeves of Flying Sparks Garage who have a new series on Velocity called Live, Love, Wrench! It was amazing getting to speak to Emily and Aaron especially because they are the exact type of YouTube channel and tv shows that I love watch.  Make sure to check out the episode on YouTube and subscribe to her channel as well as mine! The link is below. On Saturday, I managed to make it back to the actual show and was able to roll around the park checking out all of the amazing and jaw dropping cars. There were even original, like real original classics built in Oshawa!!! That was a piece of Canadian history! I’ll be sure to share some pics. The highlight of the day was being able to watch a live interview with the Ring brothers and Emily talking about the Javelin and how it came to be. The guys used to actually work on the original car in their home town, just watch the link. Besides meeting the brothers, I was able to get an autograph and picture with them. Seeing the pride and hard work that went into these cars and the way the guys and girls treat them better than their own children just made me want one that much more! Not just one but several! With confidence I can say it will happen. I feel as if I’m still on the runway of my journey about to take off but WSIB just keeps holding me up…There will be a post about that soon…Lord take the wheel, that’s all I can say!!!

On Sunday I was able to head back to Canadian Tire Motorsports park to watch a friend of mine race his car in the Nissan Micra Cup Series! I met Austin a couple of years ago while I was presenting at his school! Afterwards he approached me and told me how he raced cars and was a karting champion. Immediately we clicked, and the rest is history. Over the past couple of years, I followed his Journey to become a professional race var driver. The transformation has been absolutely amazing to watch him grow into a celebrity! There is another post coming about how Austin gave me one of the best surprises ever…stay tuned! But in the mean time have a watch of Emily’s Youtube episode at Autofest! p.s. I’m In it!!!!