That is all I can say! I am in still in disbelief with the amount of people who showed up for the the “No Mountain Too High” fundraising gala!!! The support was almost overwhelming. For many years now, I have always wanted to have my very own gala. Seeing it come to fruition cements the fact that I can do whatever I put my mind too. It of course was not me on my own who organized such an amazing event, so Thank you to my amazing committee! It took months of planning and a lot of people said we didn’t have enough time. Well…it was a huge success! For the first time since I have started cycling competitively, I can honestly say that I don’t have to worry for a little bit. I can focus solely on training and not worrying about how I will be able to afford equipment or the necessary supplements to keep me going in tip top shape. When undertaking such a huge task, it takes more than just a couple people. It takes a community or as the saying goes, a village! Without the support of my loyal following, I would not be able to cycle or pursue my dreams. We had 180 guests in attendance as well as live musicians and singers! Looking around the room, everyone had smiles on their faces and appeared to be having a great time. The list of thank you’s is honestly too long to type or even start, just know that I am forever appreciative of the support that comes from near and far, from people that I don’t even know! With support like this behind me it will be hard not to make the 2020 games in Tokyo! The road ahead is a very long and hard one but at least it will not be lonely! Thank you so much to everyone who had a hand in the gala, that donated, fundraised, sponsored or helped in any sort of way. A huge thanks to the Jubilee Pavilion for the amazing job they did with the setup and meals! Everyone raved about the food! Especially the eggplant parm! Even my Mom loved it and she’s a tough critic lol To everyone who wasn’t able to make it…Don’t worry! This is not the end. I still need a new bike that has been priced at $21,000! Follow along with my progress on all social media platforms at @altrektotokyo! I am most active on instagram and facebook but you can find everything Lue, right here on my website!!!

I am so blessed to be alive and leading the life that I do! I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me next!