I knew with the momentum leaving 2019 that 2020 was going to be a nothing short of amazing! Truthfully, I had no idea it would be this great already. I made a joke to my mother the other day, about how God is playing favourites. That’s how truly blessed I feel. *(DISCLAIMER)* I am not a professional writer nor do I want to be. So when I write these blog posts I want you to remember that this is raw emotion. You will not get every ounce of what I think (because no one should ever know everything on your mind) but you will get how I am feeling and what is going on or has transpired in my life. I simply would like to share when I want, how I want and obviously what I want.

With that being said going forward there might be some things that don’t appeal to you that I might share or publish and what I say to you is “LOVE ME OR HATE ME JUST TALK ABOUT ME!” We as humans have the ability to see what we choose and ignore what we don’t like or simply don’t care to understand. And that right there is the beauty of being able to reason. With that being said if you don’t like something…STOP WATCHING IT, DON’T FOLLOW AND STOP COMPLAINING! *rant done*

Now back to January…

IT’S BEEN AMAZING!!!!! I honestly would be here all day writing if I were to go into detail about just how great it was but I will give you the long and short of what happened here with some pictures to help! Many years ago right after my injury I met Gwyn Chapman.

Matt, Christing, Gwyn and I after The Empire Club of Canada

She introduced me to a bunch of people and that’s how I pretty well got speaking outside of the Party Program. We reconnected and she invited me out to the Empire Club of Canada’s luncheon.  I had the opportunity to hear from some of the top financial analysts and learn a bit about the gold I’m about to buy! Lol. It was a great event and very interesting to me as I do have my life insurance and mutual fund license! #Ilikemoney #knowledgeispower


After that it was the “KNEW ME” book launch! This was an amazing event that brought together 10 Black Male Authors to tell theirs stories in 1 book! It was great to actually have known a couple of the authors and have no idea that they would be there. Jamal Campbell and (@heistootall) Jelani Daniel (@k1ngofquotes)are just a couple of the amazing authors in this book! You need to get this book!!!!!! I also got to meet the Mayor John Tory! As well, I met The Global Institute for Conscious Economics Rhiannon Rosalind, and Jeffrey Overall who brought Barack Obama to Canada.

Jeff and I

@heistootall just resigned with the Toronto Argonauts!

Mayor Tory and I

Jeffrey Overall, Rhiannon Rosalind of the Global institute of Conscious Economics and I

After that it was getting to see Barack Obama speak!!!! This was crazy, downtown at the Metro Convention Centre. It was a lot of fun! I got to meet so many amazing people and listen to the first black President speak! He spoke about a bunch of questions but mainly commented on how nice we are as Canadians. Lol. I got way more out of the speech but this post is getting mad long already.

Listening to Barack Obama!

Finally, things settled down with a trip to Florida for a training camp with Team Ontario’s Handcycle Team! This was a great camp especially because I didn’t get injured.

I’ve been off and on of the bike for a couple of months now due to overuse and inflammation in my shoulders. When you use these things everyday, you’re bound to get hurt at some point in time.

This was frustrating because I had such an amazing 2019 season and the real gains are made in the off season and unfortunately, I spent most of it doing nothing except trying to get better.

My coach Blaine and another Team O coach Chantal were the chaperons for Chrissy, Rob and I. We were in the Kissimmee area near Orlando at a nice Air BnB. Great company and tons of laughs and good food!

With decent weather we were able to log just over 300km of riding in 6 days and 1 race for me! Rob and Chrissy competed in the TT and the RR where I just did the RR. There we all made the podium!!! It was absolutely brutal race for me as I am just getting back on the bike and not in great shape but I managed to place 4th in my new class of H4.

I haven’t figured out how to do this album thing yet with lots of pictures but I will and when I do…you’ll have the link. In the pic below you have Chrissy, Rob and I stopping in at your local Target in Orlando to grab some Starbucks!!!!!

Overall this is an absolutely amazing start to 2019! I had no idea it would be this exciting so fast! All I can say is strap in!!!!!!!! Did I mention that I also received the 2019 Para Development Athlete of the Year Award?! GOD IS GOOOOOD!

CHRISSY on far right getting 3rd

Stopping in at Target for some Coffees

Para Development Athlete of the Year