When I was walking around and not having to worry about everything that I was wearing getting dirty or ruined by the snow, I almost somewhat enjoyed it. I was able to throw snowballs and have some fun in the snow. Now all I worry about is how to make it from the car to wherever I’m going without getting frostbite on my hands.

“Well, why don’t you wear gloves?!” people will ask. And the answer to that is, because they get wet, you lose grip, therefore not being able to push or stop at times. When this happens you just might fall out of your chair. After that, once you’ve made it into that fine inaccessible establishment you take off your gloves, only to put them back on in a few minutes to leave. Oh yes, and now they’re wet and cold…excellent.

Now I will educate you on snow removal and accessible parking spaces! I’m just joking. We would be here all day but again this is another topic that needs to be discussed at great lengths. One thing I do want to mention is nerve pain, injuries, old joints, diseases and illnesses that are affected by this brutal change in weather. As I mentioned before it was fun to be able to get out and enjoy the snow. I had just started snowboarding right before my injury and it was amazing how much enjoyment I got out of a few hours on the hill! The best thing about it, is that I was good at it! This is still a possibility in the chair and it’s called sit skiing! I have had one opportunity to do this and I yearn for the chance to escape for a weekend or a week and learn to sit ski. I mean if I’m going to stay in a cold climate, I might as well enjoy it! The problem is that it doesn’t line up with my cycling plans. Although, anyone that knows sports is aware that skiing and cycling go hand in hand!

 I honestly just love action sports and want to live life to the fullest! I do not see anything wrong with that at all! But what I am getting to is this is the reason I escape to Arizona in the winter.For the past few years I’ve been taking off down south with the other snowbirds and missing out on the brutal winters. The joke is that this winter was amazing and I had very few issues getting around. The real issue is the pain, the darkness, the loneliness. I myself have an amazing support system, a girlfriend and friends and I still manage to get into a funk in the winter time. It’s horrible and then waking up to an aching back makes it even worse. It’s never really predictable and I don’t take any meds for it due to the nature of being tested in cycling plus the fact that opioids ruin your body. I compare my back pain to someone walking on your low back, like on your hips basically and you can’t take the pain anymore and you’re yelling at the person to jump off. This is my current feeling lying in bed typing this post.


I started this post about 2 weeks ago on let’s say…March 13th. At that point I was still going outside without a mask and not really using hand sanitizer, By March 16th everything changed and we now knew that Corona was in Canada and it was just the beginning. A lot of people have no idea what is going on or what to do and then you have dumbasses that just think it’s not real. These idiots are putting so many people at risk. 

For myself, I am not worried at all. It is highly unlikely for me to die from this. But I do know a lot of older people including my parents that this could definitely affect in more ways than one. This pandemic can be looked at nothing else other than God telling the world to slow down. We as humans think that we are all knowing and powerful until some shit like this happens and then you see everyone crying out for help and asking where God is. He is still right there where you left him! And that right there, is the problem. I know a lot of you are not religious but this world nowadays, anything goes and that is scary. 

Even in a crisis, people are hiking up the prices to make money off of the less fortunate. Humans make me sick. Our city and pretty much the whole world has shut down. The stock market is at all time lows and everyone and their entire family has been laid off! This is the craziest shit I have seen in my entire life! The world as we know it is gone. Things will never be the same again. With that being said, I am super optimistic for the future and everything that I have going on. A lot of it has been derailed including the Paralympics. 

I have a saying on my door and you probably have heard me say it before but ” Things don’t happen to you they happen for you!” The games being pushed back another year to 2021 gives me an even greater opportunity of not only making the games but bringing home a medal. I still need to accomplish quite a bit in terms of qualifying and making the Canadian team but this is all within reach as long as I do what I need to do! This is just one of the many adjustments that I’ll be making in the very near future. Everything is changing so quickly it’s actually scary. 

All we can do for now is wash our hands, stay inside and try to flatten the curve. I am super curious and interested to see where this will go in the coming weeks. This post had no real direction and kind of just went on so I will end it here and in the coming weeks you will see a lot more of me! I will be working on my Youtube channel as well as keeping up to date on posts for the site and keeping my Instagram stories on fire! LOL I will talk to you soon! Until then, stay safe and STAY HOME!