This is where I catch up on my updates with you guys here…I know there was just a post but I’m sure you’re bored of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave, Hulu, Playstation and whatever else you have at home so you might as well jump on the Lue train and have a listen to another podcast that I was invited on to by a childhood friend Dani Stover! Some of my earliest memories as a kid and meeting up with my friends from school in the summer were at the Stover’s! My memory sucks but I’m pretty sure there was a trampoline! As we became slightly older in like grade 7, the makeout sessions started and Marianne’s basement was the spot! Marianne is Dani’s little sister and she was actually my friend and not Dani lol Dani was the older sister but she was always mad cool and we didn’t have to worry about her ever ruining the vibes. lol moving along! Since I broke my back Dani has followed my journey and she reached out to me as she runs the Only in T.O. Podacast for Blog T.O. As Covid has affected pretty much everyone in the world she wanted to see how it affected me not only as an athlete but as a paraplegic! Have a listen!