I wish I had a really good reason for not posting…I mean I kind of do and here’s the scoop…my house wifi will not let me on my own website! I’ve called the cable company and they’ve put in an “order” but I have yet to be able to access my own website from home. At the end of the day I could’ve had this done. Lately I’ve been feeling super unmotivated. I am not sure if it is because of everything going on in the world or if its just my training kicking my ass. That, by the way, is going very well. There will be an update very soon for that and I can promise there will be some new footage of me flying around the city.

Since the last post a lot has happened and so has nothing! Back in January, I had the pleasure of attending the “KNEW ME” book launch. There were several of the authors that I wanted to have one on ones with.  I have a saying and it’s that “God doesn’t help those, who don’t help themselves!” Towards the end of last year I realized that I needed to get back into the community more. This book launch was late at night and I was super tired but I made a huge effort to make it out. Sure enough a couple months later, after following and learning from one of the Authors, Danny Stone, I was invited to be a guest on his weekly Instagram Live that was a huge hit! Danny is an amazing life coach that is helping people leave their corporate cages and live their life to the fullest! This guy is someone you definitely want to follow and learn from as no matter where you are at in your life, his information can help you not only achieve more but be a happier you!

The link is a little long so put on some headphones and get those chores done! It will definitely help you get them done with much less stress and a bit of inspiration!

Follow Danny Stone here…https://linktr.ee/iamdannystone