I like going fast. And then faster.

Growing up in Durham, Ontario I enjoyed competitive sports. Baseball, volleyball, track and field, basketball, mountain biking – I enjoyed them all. And I just couldn’t get enough of my favourite teams: the Pickering Red Sox, Team Ontario Baseball and the Pickering Trojans.

My desire to compete was my main motivation in life and
Track and Field was my first real love.

The faster I could go, the more I pushed to go faster.

Track and Field became a focus for me, and at the 2004 Ontario Federation of Secondary School Athletics (OFSSA) championship I got my first taste of gold. A promising career seemed to be on the horizon, and I found myself dreaming about competing for Canada in the Olympics in the 110 m hurdles.

Anthony Lue - My Story

Sh*t happens.

But you don’t need to take it laying down. Pun intended.

September 30th, 2009, at the age of 21, my life was suddenly and brutally changed forever. While at work, I was crushed in a car at a scrap metal yard.
What didn’t change was my dream to make it to the Olympics… and my love for speed!

Comfort is a self-tightening noose – there is always someone coming for your spot – so you need to stay uncomfortable.

– Anthony

Dedicated to sport. And speed.

Anthony’s dedication and love of sport have never been stronger – his love of speed and the adrenalin experienced when racing is what it’s all about for Anthony.

As a 2024 Paralympic hopeful, Anthony has already begun training and building a plan for how he’ll make Paris a reality!

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