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As the 2020 Paralympic Games draws closer, the costs of competing at a high level begins to take a toll financially:

Physical and Conditioning Coaches: to keep the tip of the sword sharp and to keep on a proper training regime.

Dietitians: To make a nutrition plan that matches my training needs and to make sure I have the proper foods to keep my body in top training and racing shape. Protein, hydration products and gels for races are needed to train and race well.

Equipment: The bike, gears, tires, rims, helmets, sportswear maintenance and repair of the bike are ongoing costs.

Competitions: It can cost up to $300 just to enter not including my travelling and rooming. Flights and accommodations for world cup races take place mainly outside of Canada in Europe.

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  • $500,000

The Trek is an ongoing expense as not only do the athletes get better but so does the need for equipment and resources available to compete at the highest level.

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