Happy New Year!!!!!

Better late, than never right?! Well what can I say except…Thank God 2018 is in the rear view mirror and I’m going full throttle ahead into 2019. Trying not to dwell on the past but 2018 was one of the worst yet best years of my life. So many different things happened from getting my first win at a stage race in Arizona to taking laps in supercars and driving hand-controlled go-karts(we won’t talk about the negative).

One thing is for sure, and that is you must surround yourself with good people! Good people push you up, not pull you down, they support you in the good times and the bad. When you ask for help, they find a way not an excuse. To often we hold onto toxic people in our lives and let the good ones go. Without my amazing support system I’d probably be at home sitting in my couch with a beer in my hand playing playstation and trying to figure a way out of my ever evolving circumstances surrounding the legalities of being injured “at work”. Instead, I didn’t quit, my friends and family would not allow me to give up but found a way to keep my dreams alive of representing my country in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. I now sit here in beautiful Arizona staring out the window getting ready to put my body through the ringer, and I can’t wait! Today I am just grateful for everything that I have and that is about to come. I’m in the best place I have been in years and most definitely living my best life! I can’t wait to see where this trek takes me! Forward always, always forward!