Its not everyday that someone you barely know realizes the somewhat “unorganized” state of your life, steps up to the plate and says let me help you manage all that you have going on around you. I mean it didn’t exactly go quite that way but when Jill realized what I had going on and how all over the place I was she couldn’t help but offer some assistance. For this I am extremely grateful. I am not really to well versed when it comes to a lot of things whether it be posting, scheduling or marketing to name a few. Being an athlete is something that just comes naturally to me. Yes, I have to think and focus when it comes to training but riding the bike is as easy as…the easiest thing that you do in your day to day life. I am very excited to have Jill MacCharles Crain on board as she will take a weight off of my shoulders allowing me to focus more on the bike specifically and the necessary gains that need to be made in a short amount of time! She is already off to a fast start with our first event happening in a couple of weeks! 2018 has already been a great year with a few accomplishments, lets keep the wheels rollin! Stay Tuned!!!!!